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Service offering

Corporate Financial Restructuring

  • Financial operational diagnosis
  • Focus on value recovery, definition of strategy and alternatives for debt restructuring
  • Creditors negotiation advice 
  • Funding Structuring
  • Long-term fundraising via banks and development funds.

Creditors Advice

  • Advisory for banks, investors and suppliers of companies in financial distress
  • Accounting and financial analysis
  • Loan rescheduling analysis
  • Negotiation advisory

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Definition of strategies in buying and selling a company
  • Corporate Governance
  • Financial Statements
  • Valuation
  • Investment plan

Non Performing Assets

  • Valuation and sale of non performing loans
  • Advisory on the sale of NPL portfolios
  • NPLs and credit rights
  • Valuation of investment portfolios in liquidation

Approach to Mergers and Acquisitions

Discuss and align the rationale and motivations for the transaction;
Mapping assets, business attractiveness and structures to maximize return to shareholders;
Identification of main investors according to business profile;
Preserve the company and its shareholders during the negotiation process.

Strategies Development
Create an environment to attract and stimulate investor competitiveness;
Intermediate and manage communication with strategic and financial investors, attending to different information demands.

Execution and Closing
Provide organized and sufficient information to investors during the process and especially during the due diligence phase;
Elaborate marketing materials of opportunity and control in their distribution;
Define the indicative price of the business according to market parameters and appropriate methodologies;
Negotiate and coordinate the formalization of the final terms of the contract.


Restructuring Approach

Understand and discuss the main indicators of operational and financial performance;
Map short and long term improvement opportunities;
Diagnose the need for working capital, compatibility with indebtedness and enable the necessary liquidity;
Map assets and alternatives for restructuring;
Preserve shareholders and maximize business value.

Strategies Development
Enable a Business Plan that addresses measures of operational improvement and compatible cash flow vis-à-vis indebtedness;
Prepare Management and Shareholders for the necessary changes;
Discuss and make feasible a communication plan with key stakeholders;
Enable access to resources and promote their correct management;
Prepare and successfully conduct Judicial or Extrajudicial Recovery proceedings, when applicable.

Execution and Closing
Elaborate operational and financial diagnosis, mapping causes of decline, opportunities and threats;
Prepare cash projections and follow-ups;
Provide liquidity opportunities;
Provide organized and sufficient information to stakeholders to enable the necessary negotiations.


Approach to Non-Performing Assets

Interpret the projected credit portfolios characteristics and cash flows (recoveries and associated costs) and recommend the most appropriate recovery initiatives for the seller context;
Through deep market knowledge, provide recommendations on portfolio size, trading conditions (true sale or joint ventures) and timing of the sale.

Strategies Development
Create an environment to stimulate investor competitiveness in order to maximize price;
Attract appropriate investors to the portfolios to be sold;
Provide organized and sufficient information to investors to mitigate risk and expedite due diligence; and
Provide realistic information and constant feedback between the seller and investors.

Use market valuation methodologies and conduct an independent portfolio valuation;
Ensure that valuation reflect the feasibility of portfolio recovery;
Evaluate the realization strategy and probable timing realization of investments by the investor.

Execution and Closing
Complete Project Management
Facilitate and coordinate the conduct of the pre-bid conference (pre-bid), due diligence review, final offers and closing.;
Manage Data Room / Data Tape and publish information;
Analyze investor profile and offers;
Participate in discussions about final offers; and
ensure that the seller's transaction will be executed using best international practices.